As the travel industry revives again, we at Kearsleys want to make your holiday to Tanzania stress-free. COVID-19 is an undeniable concern for many, and we want to make sure that you are aware of the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) we have implemented and how we are putting them into practice.

From the starting point of your journey, when your driver guide picks you up, continuing your stay and excursions, we have laid down thoughtful measures to take care of your health, safety, travel quality, and the thrill of being on an East African Safari. We hope that together with us, you will extend your support in creating your holiday to Tanzania a joyful experience.

  • We comply with the International Travel and Tourism Council and Government Health and Disease Prevention Policies in the context of measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Our team, including driver guides, operations staff, and sales team, are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If there is a concern regarding any symptoms or their health, kindly report it to our operations staff immediately.
  • Prior to your arrival, we ensure that our vehicles undergo deep cleaning and sanitization procedures and that our drivers are in sound health.
  • Our transfer vehicles, including coasters and safari vehicles, will always have masks and sanitizers, and we recommend you have them in use when needed.
  • The staff and driver guides at Kearsleys will be more than happy to abide by your concern about using masks or sanitizing our vehicles and hands-on request.
  • Since we offer third-party support for your accommodation, activities, and excursion services, we are not directly responsible for hygiene. We recommend you always have hand sanitizers and face masks for use.
  • Should you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, we highly recommend you isolate yourself in the room until the tests are complete and the cause has surfaced. We will help arrange a doctor and lab tests to ensure you and your traveling group are safe.
  • In case you are tested positive, you will be treated following the national guidelines and stay in isolation until you have recovered and tested negative.