Arusha National Park

"Scenic wildlife sanctuary"

Located 32 kilometers from Arusha, this national park offers excellent game drive opportunities before heading for your big adventure experience in Serengeti or Ngorongoro.

Arusha National Park features the iconic Mount Meru and the scenic lakes of Momella. It is here you will get to see a unique variety of wildlife including, colobus monkeys, buffaloes, red-eyed doves, helmeted guinea fowl, silver-cheeked hornbill, etc.

There are several excursions and activities in and around Lake Arusha including, kayaking in Lake Momella, hiking Mount Meru, wildlife watching, and visiting the Chagga Tribe.

To do in Arusha
Day Game Drive
Canoeing in Lake Momella
Bird Watching
Guided Walking Safari
Nature Walks


Delve into extraordinary adventures with on remarkable adventures with our thoughtfully crafted itineraries showcasing the enchanting Arusha National Park. Discover the untamed beauty of diverse landscapes and encounter East Africa's unique wildlife and natural wonders.

2 Nights Arusha National Park Safari
Arusha National Park Safari

Unforgettable a captivating two-nights safari adventure in Arusha National Park, immersing yourself in the enchanting wilderness of Tanzania. Experience the thrill of private game drives, encountering diverse wildlife. Engage in a unique perspective with a canoeing safari, navigating pristine waters, and embrace the intimate connection with nature through a guided walking safari.

$1,150 - 1,200 per Person

Visit Arusha National Park

2 Nights Arusha National Park Safari
2 Nights Arusha National Park Safari
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