Mikumi National Park

"Tanzania's fourth biggest national park"

Known as the fourth biggest national park of Tanzania, Mikumi offers guaranteed wildlife watching experience; from a pride of lions to a bloat of hippos, this is a perfect safari experience in the Southern Safari Circuit. You can either do a day trip or book an overnight- stay at one of the rustic lodges around the park.

Mikumi NationalPark conveniently connects to Uluguru Mountains, Udzungwa National Park and popular safari destinations further in the south such as the Nyerere and Ruaha National Park. In this sense, Mikumu gives you a unique experience of experiencing a safari between the mountains and the best dusk to dawn views.

What travelers like specifically about this safari destination is that the park is characterized by large acacia and baobab trees and surprising sightings of wildlife at regular intervals. To top it up, the park is not frequented by large crowds of tourists and offers the best game drive experience during the dry season from June to December.

To do in Mikumi
Day Game Drive
Bird Watching
Visit The Hippo Pool
Picnic Lunch


Embark on an adventure in Mikumi National Park with our tailored itineraries. Explore diverse landscapes, encounter abundant wildlife, and immerse yourself in the natural charm of this Tanzanian gem for an unforgettable safari experience.

12 Nights Luxury Southern Tanzania and Zanzibar
Luxury Southern Tanzania and Zanzibar

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12 Nights Luxury Southern Tanzania and Zanzibar
12 Nights Luxury Southern Tanzania and Zanzibar
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